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The beauty of the unlocked translation of the Tao is how it works as a whole – the flow of the poem and its meaning in context. I want to make it easy for people with a genuine interest to get this for free.

When you subscribe to the Unlocking blog you get a PDF of the first 20 chapters free. This links into a tradition that goes back 3,000 years. The Tao evolved through the minds and hands of many people in many cultures, not just China.

Incorporating your feedback now takes your experience unlocking the Tao of your life and “pays it forward” to all the readers that come after you. Why should you want to do that? Well, from the Unlocked chapter 13/10:

Cherishing others’ lives as your own,
Your life bears fruit,
Your mind taking form in their lives.

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All excerpts from Unlocking The Tao are copyright © 2011 Peter Merel. Please ask permission before you copy, mirror, or adapt this work.
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